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Private Equity Services

As a private equity professional, you see firsthand the challenges your investments’ management teams face. Our tailored approach to addressing these problems mean you spend more time adding value, rather than fixing problems. Whether it’s enabling your teams to generate meaningful monthly reporting packages, operationally focused due diligence or exit readiness, WilliamsMarston enables your success.

Private Equity Services include the following:

  • Due Diligence
  • Purchase Accounting
  • Operational and financial reporting
  • KPI assessments
  • Post-Merger Integration
  • Process Improvement
  • Interim Management
  • Bolt-on acquisitions
  • Sell-side due diligence
  • IPO Readiness

Insights & Impact Stories

Convertible Debt

Convertible Debt: Convertible debt has become an attractive alternative for investors who want to collect interest in the near term but retain the right to convert the debt to equity should the issuer’s

New Pushdown Accounting

New Pushdown Accounting: On November 18, 2014, the FASB issued a new standard that makes pushdown accounting optional for all acquired entities. In response, the SEC staff eliminated its guidance which mandated pushdown

IPO Readiness

IPO Readiness: An initial public offering is a watershed moment for any company. However, the IPO process itself requires careful planning and diligent project management. Anticipating issues and developing strategies to resolve them

Private Equity Services

A $250 million portfolio company of a private equity firm was at a critical juncture between pursuing a critical acquisition, integrating past acquisitions and timely financial reporting.