When it comes to M&A, buyers and sellers face deep complexity. Our professionals apply their knowledge and expertise to the entire transaction lifecycle to minimize disruption and help you meet critical deadlines.

On the buy side, we can assist with financial due diligence, purchase accounting, post-merger integration and SEC reporting. On the sell side, we help companies prepare for diligence, positioning them for the most successful exit possible. Count on WM to see you through.

WilliamsMarston Mergers & Acquisitions Consulting Services

WM has the expert research, financial and strategic capabilities that support each step of your transaction.

  • Financial Due Diligence

  • Significant Subsidiary Test

  • Working Capital Adjustments

  • Audit Preparation

  • Purchase Accounting

  • Policy Alignment

  • Post-Merger Integration

  • Form 8-K

  • Pro Forma Financials

  • Internal Controls

  • SOX Compliance

  • Interim Management


    Whether you’re looking to unlock value via a carve-out or spin-off, or sell an asset that is no longer aligned with your organization’s strategic roadmap, WM can help you divest assets and operations to generate cash, improve operating performance and refocus on your core business. No matter the economic conditions, industry dynamics or regulatory environment, our professionals can accelerate the process to drive the success of your business.

    WilliamsMarston Divestiture Consulting Services

    WM provides a number of services to streamline and accelerate the divestiture process.

    • Sell-Side Due Diligence

    • Audit Preparedness

    • Technical Accounting

    • Standalone Financials

    • Expense Allocation

    • Pro Forma Financials

  • Goodwill Impairment

  • Shared Assets and Liabilities

  • Intercompany Transactions

  • Discontinued Operations

  • Form 8-K


    Avoid surprises and delays in the IPO process with WM. Clients across various industries and states of readiness have seen their way through to successful IPOs with WM by their side, working closely with auditors, attorneys and investment bankers throughout the entire process.

    From assessing IPO readiness to providing hands-on assistance with preparing historical, pro forma and selected financial data, WM will ensure you move forward in full compliance with SEC requirements to successfully take your company public.

    WilliamsMarston IPO Consulting Services

    WM will help prepare you for an external audit and advise your leadership team on the SEC reporting process to ensure a successful offering.

    • Readiness Assessments

    • Project Management

    • Audit Preparation

    • Stock Compensation

    • Cheap Stock

    • Preferred Stock

  • Convertible Debt

  • Form S-1

  • SEC Comments

  • SOX Compliance

  • Process Improvement



    WilliamsMarston is here to help you fill skill and leadership gaps, navigate uncertainty and seamlessly manage unexpected turnover. Our interim management services provide you with access to highly qualified, dedicated professionals with both technical proficiency and operational experience to take on a range of mission-critical roles across the C-Suite, Director and Managerial level leadership.

    We can quickly deploy professionals onsite to work alongside you and your team. Our interim management engagements typically range from three to six months in duration. WM has the scale and flexibility to provide you with the capabilities and continuity needed to move your business forward without interruption.

    WilliamsMarston Interim Management

    WM will efficiently bridge your company’s skill and leadership gaps, providing highly qualified professionals for critical roles and ensuring seamless operations during key business periods.

    • Chief Financial Officer

    • Chief Accounting Officer

    • Chief Restructuring Officer

    • Corporate Development

    • Controller

  • Director of FP&A

  • Revenue Manager

  • Internal Audit

  • SEC Reporting Manager


    At WM, we excel at taking on the complex technical accounting challenges our clients face, allowing management to manage. Our professionals routinely assist our clients with researching, analyzing, documenting and implementing the accounting for the most complex transactions and standards.

    Count on WM’s experience in a variety of complex areas. We keep current with the latest accounting standards and proactively evaluate the accounting for unique transactions – allowing you and your teams to focus on day-to-day operations.

    WilliamsMarston Technical Accounting Services

    WM can support you with a variety of technical accounting services for complex transactions and operational efficiency.

    • Revenue Recognition

    • Business Combinations

    • Financial Instruments and Derivatives

    • Lease Accounting

    • Consolidation and Equity Method Investments

    • Accounting Changes and Error Correction

  • Stock-Based Compensation

  • Debt and Equity Instruments

  • Inventory Accounting

  • Restructuring and Exit Costs

  • Financial and SEC Reporting

  • Impairment of Intangibles and Long-Lived Assets


    WM’s finance effectiveness experts bring a pragmatic and operational perspective to process improvement and internal controls. With expertise and a relentless dedication to quality and consistency, we identify and resolve challenges before they impact the broader business.

    We specialize in solving the most pressing and complex problems with finance effectiveness services that touch multiple aspects of your organization. Our proven approach delivers a rigorous assessment and design of processes and internal controls. As a result, our clients leverage our work to eliminate inefficiency and redundancy while lowering costs and mitigating risks.

    WilliamsMarston Finance Effectiveness Services

    Our proven experts enable you to streamline your financial processes, eliminating redundancy and achieving lasting results and efficiencies.

    • Scoping and Risk Assessments

    • Re-engineering and Process Documentation

    • Lean and Six Sigma

    • Evaluation of AI Process and Control Solutions

    • Controls Automation

  • Design Effectiveness

  • Control Identification and Rationalization

  • Identification of Gaps and Remediation

  • Deficiency Assessments

  • IT General Controls and IT Risk Assessment



    Financial planning and analysis (FP&A) is one of the most critical finance functions – yet many organizations lack the resources to do it effectively. WM experts can help you understand your current operations from multiple angles and chart a path to scalable, long-term growth and profitability.

    At WM, our cross-functional team of experts consists of former controllers, FP&A specialists and consultants with a deep understanding of financial strategy, forecasting, planning, analytics, key performance indicators (KPIs), financial reporting and other finance-related matters. With the right combination of people, processes and technologies, we’ll help you streamline and deliver a finance capability that propels your organization to exceed its goals.


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