Industry Expertise Software, Biotechnology, Financial Services

Education Bates College
B.A. in Economics

Shadman Alam

Shadman brings 1 year of valuation experience to WilliamsMarston. Since joining WilliamsMarston, he has advised clients in the software, biotechnology and financial services industries. Shadman has advised clients on financial reporting matters such ASC 718 and IRC 409a private company valuations and purchase price allocations, including the valuation of intangible assets and goodwill.

Shadman previously was an intern at WilliamsMarston, where he assisted with a variety of valuation matters including purchase price allocations, valuation of intangible assets, acquisition goodwill, impairment testing and fair value measurement of complex financial instruments. Shadman was also previously an investor relations intern at the BAJ Accelerator, where he worked closely with startups, primarily in healthcare, to source venture capital investments.

Shadman holds a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Bates College, with a minor in mathematics.