WilliamsMarston Partners Discuss Restructuring Challenges in the Age of COVID-19

Sep 23, 2020

For Restructuring Professionals, the Clock is Ticking

The combination of government stimulus and decisive action enabled at-risk companies to survive the initial impact of the pandemic, but as experienced restructuring professionals know, the clock is ticking. Many companies are burning through liquid assets in a race against time to a vaccine. Expeditiously executing restructuring initiatives will be critical to success as lenders, landlords and other stakeholders grow impatient with prolonged re-openings.

In addition to speed, another key component of success will rely on the quality and accessibility of underlying transaction-level data. Well into the COVID-19 era, restructuring teams are finding serious deficiencies here — and in some cases, completely unusable data. The result is disruption and delays in financial planning, increased risk of error, and considerable resource expense.

Good data isn’t just for accommodating CFOs and other executives, however — it’s also about identifying and evaluating the best strategic options for companies in distress.

In a new piece over on industry publication Private Funds CFO, WilliamsMarston partners and co-founders Landen Williams and Jon Marston discuss the importance of data hygiene and the options it provides in this “new abnormal.”

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