Initial Public Offerings

Approach your IPO with confidence.

Thorough preparation is crucial to avoiding surprises and delays in the IPO process. We have successfully advised dozens of clients in a variety of industries and states of readiness throughout the entire IPO process. Our proven advisors begin with an assessment of a company’s readiness, followed by hands-on assistance with the preparation of historical, pro forma and selected financial data in compliance with SEC requirements.
We prepare our clients for their external audit and advise management on the SEC reporting process to ensure a successful offering. We have extensive experience working with the auditors, attorneys and investment bankers, allowing for close collaboration throughout the entire IPO process.

  • Readiness Assessments

  • Project Management

  • Audit Preparation

  • Stock Compensation

  • Preferred Stock

  • Cheap Stock

  • Convertible Debt

  • Form S-1

  • SEC Reporting

  • SEC Comments

  • SOX Compliance

  • Process Improvement

The Timeline

Initial Public Offering Process

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