Time is the biggest killer of deals. Our experts accelerate the divestiture process.

More and more companies are turning to carve-outs and spin-offs to unlock value trapped in their portfolios. Although the reasons may change depending on the economy, industry dynamics and the regulatory environment, most companies divest assets and operations to generate cash, improve operating performance and refocus on their core business. Our experienced professionals work alongside our clients providing them with the expertise and resources to accelerate the divestiture process.

  • Sell-Side Due Diligence

  • Audit Preparedness

  • Technical Accounting

  • Standalone Financials

  • Expense Allocation

  • Goodwill Impairment

  • Shared Assets and Liabilities

  • Intercompany Transactions

  • Discontinued Operations

  • Form 8-K

  • Pro Forma Financials

Our Approach

Divestiture Process

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